Guthan nan Eilean

  • Stòras Beò: Catrìona
    by Gordon Wells on DiC, 1 Iuch 2020 at 9:32m

    Visitors to the annual Ceòlas summer school in South Uist, among many others with an interest in Gaelic cultural and educational activities, will need little introduction to Catriona MacIntyre. Here she is talking to Archie Campbell for UHI’s project, Stòras Beò nan Gàidheal. Here, in the first part, Catrìona, from Iochdar in South Uist, recalls

  • Stòras Beò: Seònaid
    by Gordon Wells on DiL, 1 Ògmh 2020 at 10:17m

    In amongst the valuable Gaelic social history, Stòras Beò nan Gàidheal interviewer Pàdruig Moireach (Peter Murray) uncovered some interesting new family stories when he talked to his mother, Seònaid (Jessie) – including why she didn’t emigrate to Canada! In the first part, Jessie, originally from Shawbost, Lewis, talks to Peter about their family history, and

  • विंडसर्फिंग – Windsurfing (Hindi version)
    by Gordon Wells on DiC, 27 Cèit 2020 at 1:08f

    Ding dong! “लंदन को जाने-वाली ब्रिटिश एयरवेज़ की उड़ान…. British Airways flight to London….” For those with a keen ear for language, the international departures lounges of airports once provided rich listening, as announcements in multiple languages provided a constant reminder of linguistic diversity across the world. Then came COVID and the lockdowns. Almost […]

  • Studies in Culture and Education
    by Gordon Wells on DiL, 18 Cèit 2020 at 10:45m

    An academic journal titled “Changing English” may seem an unlikely location for a Gaelic-focused article, but the strapline, “Studies in Culture and Education”, captures better the breadth of field that comes within its scope. Island Voices came under the spotlight in its March 2020 special edition on Reading Aloud, edited by Sam Duncan, who had

  • সমুদ্রপথে সেইন্ট কিলডা – Seatrek to St Kilda (Bangla version)
    by Gordon Wells on Dih, 8 Cèit 2020 at 12:40f

    এই তথ্যচিত্রের মাধ্যমে সেইন্ট কিলডার সংক্ষিপ্ত বিবরণ তুলে ধরা হয়েছে। ল্যোওসের একটি পর্যটন […]

  • Stòras Beò: Christine
    by Gordon Wells on Dih, 1 Cèit 2020 at 1:21f

    Christine Primrose will need little or no introduction for the Gaelic enthusiasts who follow Island Voices. A stellar singer, she has long been a leading light in the promotion of Gaelic music and the tradition which nurtures it. If, by chance, you are coming to acquaintance with her for the first time, this interview in

  • Locks, Links, and Languages
    by Gordon Wells on DiM, 7 Gibl 2020 at 4:54f

    It’s April 2020 and the global lockdown continues, whether you’re on the West coast of Scotland or in West Bengal. We’re largely “confined to quarters” in the international bids to lessen the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The internet has many faults, but now offers the potential to afford mental release in times of physical

  • New Gaelic videos online!
    by Gordon Wells on Dia, 19 Màrt 2020 at 8:54m

    The Stòras Beò nan Gàidheal project has successfully met its target of producing 15 hours of new online community-based recordings of Scottish Gaelic, all fully transcribed! The collection comprises 31 videos of Gaelic speakers from four different islands in the Outer Hebrides talking about a wide range of subjects, including their upbringing in the islands

  • “Scotland of the East”
    by Gordon Wells on DiD, 2 Gearr 2020 at 11:44m

    Island Voices were heard in Shillong, India, (the “Scotland of the East”) in October last year as part of the 2019 Year of Indigenous Languages celebrations at North-Eastern Hill University, where they held an “International Language Fest for Indigenous and Endangered Languages”. It was a two-day event with lectures and presentations at the university first,

  • “An Èisteachd nam Bàrd”
    by Gordon Wells on DiS, 18 Faoi 2020 at 3:05f

    Maggie Smith has been quietly putting a series of fascinating poetry podcasts she’s made on her website over the past few months. With the recent addition of the fourth and final one, the series is now complete. The table below will give you quick links to this full series of poetic Lewis voices. Follow the