Guthan nan Eilean

  • “An Èisteachd nam Bàrd”
    by Gordon Wells on DiS, 18 Faoi 2020 at 3:05f

    Maggie Smith has been quietly putting a series of fascinating poetry podcasts she’s made on her website over the past few months. With the recent addition of the fourth and final one, the series is now complete. The table below will give you quick links to this full series of poetic Lewis voices. Follow the

  • அந்த செய்தித்தாள் – Am Pàipear
    by Gordon Wells on DiL, 2 Dùbh 2019 at 9:42m

    ஊஸ்ட் சமுதாயத்திற்காக முதன்மையாக சேவை செய்யும் செய்தித்தாளை பற்றிய ஒரு குறும்படம் இது. இந்தப் […]

  • Stòras Beò: Hughena
    by Gordon Wells on Dia, 7 Samh 2019 at 1:48f

    Hughena MacDonald is the next interviewee in this series of conversations with Archie Campbell. In Part 1, Hughena talks about her family background and her happy memories of growing up and going to various schools in Uist and Benbecula, including her experience of coming across computers for the first time when Sgoil Lìonacleit opened. This

  • Stòras Beò: Tommy
    by Gordon Wells on DiD, 13 Dàmh 2019 at 10:09m

    Tommy MacDonald is another figure well-known to Island Voices followers. He appeared in several videos in our Series 2 Outdoors theme, and was the central researcher and interviewer in the Bonnie Prince Charlie set of audio recordings. With a wealth of local knowledge and stories from his home community in South Uist, he was a

  • Stòras Beò: Pàdruig
    by Gordon Wells on DiC, 4 Sult 2019 at 11:09m

    Pàdruig Moireach brings a new Leòdhasach voice to the Guthan nan Eilean site with this recording made with Archie Campbell. An experienced teacher of Gaelic, Pàdruig’s also been closely involved with sociolinguistic fieldwork in the Western Isles in recent years, working for Soillse, Sabhal Mòr Ostaig, and the UHI Language Sciences Institute. A Lewisman now

  • Digital Archive of Scottish Gaelic
    by Gordon Wells on Dih, 30 Lùna 2019 at 3:32f

    Island Voices are delighted to see some of our video recordings being added to the Digital Archive of Scottish Gaelic (DASG), hosted by Glasgow University. The spoken texts of Saoghal Thormoid, produced under the Soillse banner, were included in DASG shortly after their creation, but under a new initiative, thanks to Eilidh Cormack, all the

  • Stòras Beò nan Gàidheal
    by Gordon Wells on DiC, 31 Iuch 2019 at 8:37m

    Followers of Island Voices need no introduction to Archie Campbell. He’s been a stalwart supporter and contributor since our very early days. In recent months he’s been involved in a new pilot project in which the UHI Language Sciences Institute with Sabhal Mòr Ostaig and Soillse, together with Irish partners, embark on recording the natural speech

  • Un viaggio gaelico
    by Gordon Wells on DiS, 1 Ògmh 2019 at 11:06m

    Il gruppo del progetto scozzese Voci delle isole (Island Voices/Guthan nan Eilean) visita l’Irlanda. Questo documentario è stato doppiato in italiano. Sono presenti anche dialoghi in lingua gaelica d’Irlanda e di Scozia, la cui traduzione è posta nei sottotitoli. Seo cànan ùr dhuinn aig Guthan nan Eilean. Mòran taing do Francesco La Rocca airson am

  • End of Ipadio
    by Gordon Wells on DiD, 5 Cèit 2019 at 12:29f

    Well, this is sad news, if not unexpected. “Dear friends, loyal broadcasters, educators, explorers, adventurers, fund-raisers, commentators, reporters and all round great people. Sadly, ipadio will soon be shutting down :(. As a free service that has never wanted to spoil your fun with adverts there is only so long we can keep it going

  • Dramatic Recordings!
    by Gordon Wells on DiL, 15 Gibl 2019 at 9:30f

    Magaidh Smith has been busy since her conversation with Gordon Wells in February! In the latest post on her website she introduces a new series of Gaelic recordings consisting of a collection of dramas conceived and produced on Lewis. As she explains, these formed a part of the work of the community group Cabraich. Originating