Bella Caledonia – Ghetto na Gàidhlig

  • On Sacred Cows
    by Bella Caledonia Editor on Dia, 23 Faoi 2020 at 2:31f

    There’s a gulf between the reality of a mass of people appreciating the centrality of gaelic language and culture to Scotland – and a small handful of mainstream media outlets cultivating hatred and grievance. First the good news. After the spectacular success of Gaelic Duolingo – covered here and here –  and after the critical

  • On Gaelic, Language and Identity
    by Bella Caledonia Editor on DiD, 8 Dùbh 2019 at 10:30m

    Scotland is evolving as a country, as a cultural entity, as a place that knows itself. * The contradictory and dividing myths we’ve told ourselves (and been told) are falling apart. One of the enduring mythologies is that of the “divided self” – from the “double and divided” Scottish self in literature including Hogg’s The

  • Education and the colonisation of the Gàidhlig mind … 2
    by Bella Caledonia Editor on DiC, 4 Dùbh 2019 at 11:45f

    Part two of Iain MacKinnon’s exploration of colonisation and education in the Scottish and global context – see part one here. In the nineteenth century fairly direct forms of oppressive violence and terror appear to have been used in efforts to frighten young Gaels into abandoning their language. That physical force and forms of psychological

  • Education and the colonisation of the Gàidhlig mind
    by Bella Caledonia Editor on DiM, 3 Dùbh 2019 at 1:06f

    In 1755 the Scottish Enlightenment historian and future rector of Edinburgh University, Reverend William Robertson, delivered a sermon on the role of ‘the divine wisdom, in the government of the world’. Robertson was convinced that Christianity’s role in history was to redeem the vices and perfect the virtues of all human societies, and his sermon

  • Scottish Gaelic’s Journey to Duolingo 
    by Bella Caledonia Editor on DiD, 1 Dùbh 2019 at 7:26f

    Ciaran Iòsaph MacAonghais – a Primary Teacher from Fort William and co-creator of the Scottish Gaelic Duolingo course – takes us through Scottish Gaelic’s journey to Duolingo. [follow Ciaran at @thaseomath ] Scottish Gaelic is the latest language to feature on Duolingo – the world’s largest language learning platform. Over 60,000 people have signed up to

  • Sgolpaig… agus an t-àm ri teachd
    by Bella Caledonia Editor on DiM, 26 Samh 2019 at 9:47m

    In this month’s column Fiona MacIsaac looks at issues around prioritising large scale industrial projects in fragile rural areas – in this case the proposed Spaceport in Sgolpaig in North Uist. While on the surface this seems like it could be a positive development for the area, the project is not without glaring problems –

  • Coitcheann – Common Ground
    by Bella Caledonia Editor on DiM, 29 Dàmh 2019 at 6:12f

    Lorg Ghlaschu – In Search of the Dear Green Place, is a SNH commission for Mòd Ghlaschu 2019 celebrating Glasgow’s people, places and stories through her Gaelic and other placenames. Here’s a poem by Mary Ann Kennedy, inspired by Cathkin Braes – the highest point within the city boundaries, giving an unrivalled view of the

  • Poileasaidh, Poilitigs is Iomairteachd: Feum air Atharrachadh?
    by Bella Caledonia Editor on DiL, 14 Dàmh 2019 at 4:21f

    Seo agaibh tar-sgrìobhadh den òraid a thug sinn seachad aig a’ cho-labhairt #AnAthCheum2019 a chaidh a chumail an t-seachdain sa chaidh le UofG Oilthigh Ghlaschu – taing mhòr dhaibh-san airson a’ chòmhraidh chudromaich seo a chur air dòigh agus airson fiathachadh a thoirt dhuinn pàirt a ghabhail ann! Tha, agus bidh, Beurla nas tarraingiche don

  • Còig Bliadhna
    by Bella Caledonia Editor on DiS, 5 Dàmh 2019 at 5:33f

    Tha saoghal poileataigs air gluasad cho luath seachad air na seachdainean a tha air a dhol seachad bhon sgrìobh mi mu dheireadh – cho luath ‘s gu bheil e a’ faireachdainn mar gu bheil gu leòr naidheachdan airson bliadhna a lìonadh. Bha beachd no dhà agam mu dè sgrìobhainn – ‘s dòcha rudeigin a bharrachd

  • Tha luchd na Gàidhlig a’ call earbsa ann am Bòrd na Gàidhlig
    by Bella Caledonia Editor on Dia, 3 Dàmh 2019 at 12:56f

    Tha luchd na Gàidhlig a’ call earbsa ann am Bòrd na Gàidhlig – feumaidh Riaghaltas na h-Alba coimhead gu geur air an dòigh anns a bheil a’ bhuidheann air a ruith, a-rèir Misneachd. Tha a’ bhuidheann-strì Misneachd a’ toirt seachad rabhadh an-diugh gu bheil luchd na Gàidhlig a’ call earbsa ann am Bòrd na Gàidhlig,