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  • The Basse Yutz Flagons and BBC Myth-Making
    by Bella Caledonia Editor on DiC, 26 Lùna 2020 at 5:21f

    In Neil McGregor’s much-admired radio series  A History of the World in 100 Objects he today focused on the early world of the Celts through two bronze drinking flagons, the Basse Yutz Flagons – considered to be the most important and earliest examples of Celtic art. As his programme reaches a crescendo of analysis he

  • The Seven Marvels of Scotland – Seachd Mìorbhuilean na h-Alba
    by Bella Caledonia Editor on DiL, 20 Iuch 2020 at 7:41f

    You’ve heard of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world, but have you heard about the Seven Wonders of Scotland? These come from the Gaelic tradition and were known as “seachd mìorbhuilean na h-Alba—the Seven Marvels of Scotland. #1 Tobraichean Ghlinn Iuch The Wells of Linlithgow (Ghlinn Iuch) have long made the town famous. An

  • An Suidheachadh. The Situation.
    by Bella Caledonia Editor on DiS, 11 Iuch 2020 at 8:51f

    In this piece, Fiona NicÌosaig (MacIsaac) reflects on the difficulties faced by Gaelic speaking communities. Strong communities are vital to the longevity of the language, but how do we ensure that communities are supported? What is the situation actually like on the ground, amongst younger generations? How beneficial is it that Gaelic is the language

  • The Vernacular Gaelic Community in Crisis; A Liminal Perspective
    by Bella Caledonia Editor on Dia, 9 Iuch 2020 at 9:47f

    As part of our ongoing series on gaelic language Jane Nicleoid from Lewis reports.  I’m on the Isle of Lewis as we come out of lockdown and I have spoken only Gaelic today. I had a yarn with the dog but didn’t get much back and wrote a message in Gaelic to my daughter in

  • A Child Eye’s View of Language Revitalisation: Hope and opportunity for the future of Gaelic in Scotland
    by Bella Caledonia Editor on DiM, 7 Iuch 2020 at 9:21f

    As part of our ongoing series about Gaelic in Scotland we ask: What could we learn from research in Ireland about how to support language regeneration? The announcement last week that Gaelic is predicted to perish as a community language within the decade hardly came as a surprise to me—as others have pointed out, those

  • Bithibh coma – stop being so polite
    by Bella Caledonia Editor on DiL, 6 Iuch 2020 at 1:12f

    Uill, a’ Ghàidhlig chòir. Tòrr smuaintean a dol aig a h-uile duine, seo beagan meòrachadh bhuam fhìn [A few thoughts on the present situation about Gaelic. This is a very important juncture for Gaelic. English below]. Tha naidheachd mun rannsachadh ùr seo air eagal a chuir air grùnnd dhaoine. Tha tòrr ag radh air na

  • Responding Creatively to The Gaelic Crisis
    by Bella Caledonia Editor on DiD, 5 Iuch 2020 at 2:53f

    Like many Gaelic speakers, this week I was left reeling with the title of the new book by Conchúr Ó Giollagáin and aghast at the spin put on it by the mainstream print and online media. The news even travelled so far as CNN. When have they shown any interest whatsoever in our minoritised community?

  • Gaelic and the Hebrides are Valuable – Let’s Strengthen Them
    by Bella Caledonia Editor on DiS, 4 Iuch 2020 at 9:20m

    Charles (Teàrlach) Wilson argues that the Hebrides are not a remote archipelago with nice views and old-fashioned ways of life: they are a crucial and important part of Scottish society, identity, history. If we reconceive the problems of Gaelic as not a crisis of language but a crisis of how we see rural and Highland

  • Smuaintean, fo Ghlasadh-Sluaigh
    by Bella Caledonia Editor on DiC, 1 Iuch 2020 at 5:45f

    Fiona MacIsaac explores the impact that the lockdown has had on her mental health. Isolated in a way in which is multi-layered, from friends and events on the mainland, the sense of loneliness is only heightened. Time has lost its rigidity and seems to stretch into one infinite day. Current events feel distant but still

  • A Crack Guide to Anti-Gaelic Trolls
    by Bella Caledonia Editor on DiM, 14 Gibl 2020 at 2:56f

    1. The Deeply Unloved 100% FYOOMIN. This is your base level vanilla troll. Inhabits the Scotsman comments section. Externalises their inner pain by ranting about how Gaelic was never spoken in *insert Gaelic placename*   2. The Russian Bot Generated by the Motherland to shitpost about literally everything, including Gaelic. 60 tweets per minute, and