Gaelic Algorithmic Research Group

  • The Acoustic Model and Scottish Gaelic Speech Recognition Results
    by levans3 on Dih, 28 Cèit 2021 at 1:14f

    By Lucy Evans In our last blog post, we outlined some of the data preparation that is necessary to train the acoustic model for our Scottish Gaelic speech recognition system. This includes normalization and alignment. Normalization is where speech transcriptions are stripped of punctuation, casing, and any unspoken text. Alignment is where each word in

  • Emerging NLP for Scottish Gaelic: Lecture
    by wlamb on DiC, 5 Cèit 2021 at 8:57m

    The Celtic Linguistics Group at the University of Arizona invited Dr Will Lamb to speak to them about ‘Emerging NLP for Scottish Gaelic’ on 26 March 2021. This was as part of their Formal Approaches to Celtic Linguistics lecture series. The talk went out on Zoom and was recorded and uploaded on YouTube (provided below). About

  • Automatic Speech Recognition for Scottish Gaelic: Background and Update
    by levans3 on DiC, 27 Faoi 2021 at 12:22f

    By Lucy Evans Since September 2020, a collaborative team from the University of Edinburgh (UoE), the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI), and Quorate Technology, has been working towards building an Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) system for Scottish Gaelic. This is a system that is able to automatically transcribe Gaelic speech into writing. The

  • Agallamh le Lucy Evans / An interview with Lucy Evans
    by wlamb on DiD, 4 Dàmh 2020 at 2:32f

    Anns an t-sreath seo, tha sinn a’ toirt sùil air laoich a rinn adhartas cudromach ann an teicneolas nan cànanan Gàidhealach. Airson an treasamh agallaimh, cluinnidh sinn bho thè Lucy Evans. Tha Lucy air ùr thighinn gu saoghal na Gàidhlig agus gu saoghal teicneolas cànain, ach tha i an sàs ann am pròiseact a bhios

  • Agallamh le Mìcheal Bauer
    by wlamb on DiM, 23 Ògmh 2020 at 9:04m

    Anns an t-sreath seo, tha sinn a’ toirt sùil air laoich a rinn adhartas mòr ann an teicneolas nan cànanan gàidhealach. Airson an dàrna agallaimh, cluinnidh sinn bho fhear a tha cho cudromach san 21mh linn ri Eideard Dwelly: Mìcheal Bauer. Tha Mìcheal aithnichte airson na h-obrach ealanta a rinn e le Uilleam MacDhunnchaidh airson

  • Agallamh leis an Ollamh Kevin Scannell
    by wlamb on DiM, 16 Ògmh 2020 at 11:51m

    Anns an t-sreath seo, bidh sinn a’ coimhead air sàr-laoich a rinn adhartas mòr ann an teicneolas nan cànanan gàidhealach. Airson a’ chiad agallaimh, cha b’ urrainn dhuinn na b’ fheàrr fhaighinn na ‘n t-Ollamh Kevin Scannell à Oilthigh San Louis, anns na Stàitean Aonaichte. Tha Kevin air an t-uabhas de ghoireasan a chur a-mach

  • New Gaelic language technology website launched
    by wlamb on DiC, 20 Cèit 2020 at 3:52f

    A Linguistic Toolkit for Scottish Gaelic Dr Loïc Boizou (Vytautas Magnus University) and Dr William Lamb (University of Edinburgh) have collaborated on a new bilingual website that provides a linguistic toolkit for Scottish Gaelic. Called Mion-sgrùdaiche Cànanachais na Gàidhlig or the Gaelic Linguistic Analyser, the site provides users with tools for analysing the words and structures of Gaelic

  • Predicting Grammatical Gender in Scottish Gaelic with Machine Learning
    by wlamb on Dih, 17 Gibl 2020 at 3:52f

    English speakers never have to worry about grammatical gender – nouns are just nouns. When I began learning Gaelic in my early twenties, getting to grip with grammatical gender was a challenge. Until I learnt some of the patterns intuitively, I had to look up every new noun in the dictionary to determine its gender,

  • New release of tagged Scottish Gaelic corpus (ARCOSG)
    by wlamb on DiM, 7 Gibl 2020 at 3:10f

    ARCOSG has been used for a range of projects including a voice synthesiser and syntactic parser. It has been newly revised and made compatible with the popular Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK): release available here. A simplified version of the corpus has also been released, ARCOSG-S, which uses a less complex tag scheme (41 tags vs

  • Scottish Gaelic and its representation in language tech tools
    by wlamb on Dih, 14 Gearr 2020 at 9:46m

    This thoughtful article in the Guardian got me thinking about the fact that the choices we make about representation of Scottish Gaelic in new language tech tools are far from trivial. The balance of ages, genders and dialects, for instance, on a tool like Duolingo can impact the future of the language in ways that